Minecraft 1.18 update?

Many notable additions which were originally planned to be released in Minecraft 1.18 have been delayed. They will now arrive in Minecraft 1.19 at the earliest. This will likely drop sometime around 2022. The Warden, Sculk Blocks, the Deep Dark biome and the Warden are among the items that have been delayed.

The Wild Update will not include at least three of the previously announced features (namely Bundles and Archaeology) although the Minecraft team has made every effort to assure us that none are being cancelled. It's still a sad news for the people who were most excited about these changes. However, we will soon be able to explore the new terrain changes that Minecraft 1.18 will bring.

This concludes the overview of Minecraft's 1.18 update. Installing one of the top Minecraft texture packs is the best way to transform your world and bring back the sense of discovery. You can also try one of the many Minecraft servers that are available to you right now for a completely different experience.