Minecraft Interface Survey


Minecraft Interface Survey

Most likely, you don't think about the Minecraft interface. People often accept that the Minecraft interface is what it is. However, this could change soon.

Many Minecraft players think the interface is great because they have already learned it. Most menus are simple to use if you know what to do. However, that doesn't mean new players, which Minecraft still frequently picks up, will feel the same way. Mojang can now tell you how you feel about this.

This is because the Minecraft Twitter account issued a survey request. The survey ends on September 8th and is all about the user interface. It's worth noting that you must be at least 18 to participate in the survey. You can't retake answers (so make sure to read the questions), and mobile users may have trouble understanding the questions.

You will also need to play the Bedrock version of Minecraft in order to complete the survey. Although it seems unlikely that Minecraft versions will ever be too different in terms of the UI, we could be wrong. After reading this, you are ready to answer questions and do your duty for Minecraft.

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