What happender to Minecraft bundles ?


What happender to Minecraft bundles ?

Two days ago, Minecraft released the much-anticipated second half of the 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update. Minecraft has seen a complete overhaul. Players can now climb higher, dig deeper and make more of their worlds. This is a major update to the game. They rarely alter the world generation or make any drastic changes.

Other than changing the mountain and cave generation, however, very little else has been changed. A few biomes have been added, and there is a new music CD. One of the items, which was supposed to come with 1.18 bundles, was delayed. Here are some reasons why this might have happened.

The most frustrating thing about Minecraft is running out inventory space. This can be especially frustrating for players who are exploring and find a village, temple, or other structure but cannot loot it because their inventory is full.

Bundles were created to counter this. You can save space by combining items into blocks, such as coal and raw iron, but this only works so far. Bundles allow players to combine related items into one pouch, which would only take up one slot in their inventory.

Many believed that Bundles would make it to Caves and Cliffs after they were revealed at Minecraft Live 2020. The updates for both halves have ended and no bundles were added.

They will likely be added after 1.19 The Wild update, so it won't be long. They are a significant addition. That is why they are so popular. They are worthy of their time and shouldn't be thrown in with the rest of the big updates.

Another reason is that they aren't ready. This is far more likely. This is a significant change in the game, and it will take some time to get right. They will eventually be delayed because of this. They may take a while to arrive but they will be worth it.